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FAQ Page


  A & J's  Question & Answer Page

                   Below you will find a list of questions and answers that have been submitted to us quite often. In the event that your question does not appear below, you may submit your questions to us either in our guestbook or you can E-Mail us at As always, thanks for stopping by.


Q - How much does it cost to join the A&J family each year at Raceway Park ?

A - The total cost for all four days is $665.00 + $18.00 Postage ( Prices are subject to change without notice )

Q - What do I get for my $665.00 + $18.00 Postage

A - You get a full 4 day pass to the NHRA Super Nationals, which gives you complete access to our suites along with full pit pass. Also included is all your food and soft drinks for all 4 days. You will also have access to special tower members only areas for picture taking and viewing.


Q - How do I secure a seat in the tower for the next race ?

A - A $100.00 per seat deposit is required in order to reserve your seat for the next race. The deposit that you give is only refundable while there are still seats available in your suite!!! Once the suite is filled they are no longer refundable. Please be sure to exercise due diligence before committing to your seat or seats. There will be no exceptions to this rule!!!

Q - Will my seat deposit be refundable in the event that I decide to cancel my reservation ?

A - Your seat deposit will only be refundable in the event that you cancel your reservation before your designated suite has been filled. Also, anyone that decides to cancel their seat or seats after the deadline for seat balances will absolutely not be given any kind of refund !!! Please try to understand, we don't want to see anyone loose their money, but once we have signed and committed to the suites, we are responsible to pay all fee's that were agreed upon in our contracts. Please be sure to exercise due diligence before committing to your seat or seats.                          There will be no exceptions to this rule!!!

Q - Is there a waiting list to get into your suites ?

A - We now have a waiting list form on our main page that you can input all of your information into and submit it directly to us. We will respond back to you within 24 hours to let you know exactly what availability we have at that time. You can also call us directly at 215-887-7223.

Q - How many people does each suite hold ?

A - Each suite will hold 30 people, but that just gets way too crowded. We only put 25 people in each suite. That way there is still room to move around and still enjoy yourself. If we only put 20 people in each suite it would be much more comfortable but it would also drive the cost per seat through the roof and we are not about to do that. Either way, it's a thousand times better then sitting in the stands !!!!

Q - Is there V.I.P. parking at the suites ?

A - Yes there is V.I.P. parking for the towers, however it is limited. The passes are only given to parties of 4 or more. Sometimes we do get some extra parking passes and we do give them to some smaller parties.


Q - Do you have alcohol in the suite ?

A - We do not provide alcohol in our suites, however you are permitted to purchase it from Raceway Park and Maple Grove.

Q - Are children allowed into the suites ?

A - Yes children are permitted into the suites at the same price per seat as an adult. We do expect the parent or guardian of the child to keep a close watch on him or her since the ticket price does not include child care services. ( You Know What I Mean ) Please do not ask if you can bring your baby/infant because we don't want to subject anyone to a crying baby when they are trying to enjoy the race.

Q - Is smoking permitted in the suites ?

A - No we do not allow any smoking in our suites. We maintain a completely smoke free environment. If you have the need to smoke then you can step outside onto our smoking balcony with all the other smokers.

Q - What types of food and drinks are served as part of my ticket price ?

A - Well for starters we serve fresh bagels with cream cheese, butter or jelly. Assorted doughnuts, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice and that's just breakfast. For lunch there are assorted lunch meat sandwiches, meatballs and sauce and usually one other type of hot food. We also put out cold salads, fresh vegetables with dip and all the condiments. There is always cold soda, iced tea and bottled water. There are no limits, eat as much as you want and drink as much as you want. If you leave at the end of the day hungry believe me it's your own fault not ours.


Q - Are there any rules ?

A - Our rules are simple, come and enjoy yourself, make new friends, eat and drink like kings and queens. When it comes to drunken behavior or nasty language we maintain a zero tolerance policy. After all, who wants to spend that kind of money to be around that type of environment especially if you have your children with you.

Q - Do you have suites at any other race tracks ?

AWe currently have suites at Englishtown and Maple Grove only.

Q - What happens if the event is rained out ?

AIn the event of a rain out the event is typically rescheduled for a later date where you will be able to re-use your tickets. As far as the food goes our budget only allows us to provide food for the initial event not a replay. Unfortunately when you are under contract with any caterer as long as the gates are opened the food is served regardless of weather conditions.